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Welcome to Ghazal Indian Cuisine

Ghazal may be understood as a poetic expressions of both the pain of loss or seperation and the beauty of love in spite of that pain but traditionally deals with just one subject: Love, and in our case our love for our cuisine.
At Ghazal our philosophy is to emphasize on refined yet authentic indian cuisine, the menu incorporates both traditional classic favorites and original new dishes that apply eastern flavors with a twist. At Ghazal, we promise to tease your culinary buds and acquaint you to an entirely new dimension of aromatic and diverse range of traditional food wonders. Whether dining at Ghazal or organizing a party or focus is to provide first class service and engaging atmosphere all across. attention to detail drives this focus. Everyday we challenge ourselves to build a better environment and become more in tune with the changing needs of our guests.
Ghazal meets the distinct needs of each guest by interacting with them on a warm and personal level. Our true service is about building relationshipwith guests. When our guest leave, we want them to feel it's hot just a service they have received, but an unprecendented experience.

Our food is healthy; we use corn and vegetable oil.